Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just an idea

Being that we have a huge age difference between our kids. I wanted the big kids to have one on one time with the smaller kids and enjoy it. On Sundays we sometimes have centers. This is where one kid will play with another kid for a set amount of time (could be anywhere from 15 min. to an hour depending on how its going). Example- Andrew will play checkers with Heather while Lauren plays play dough with Tyler or whatever they choose to play as long as they both agree on the activity. Then they switch and Andrew will race cars with Tyler and Lauren will do funny hairdo's with Heather. Then they switch again and Andrew will play a game with Lauren and Heather will do puzzles with Tyler.
A few years ago Heather would whisper to me on a Sunday afternoon "Could we please do centers today" She loved playing with her older siblings and having that one on one time together. I think it can help promote good family relationships as long as there's no fighting. (I got the idea from Debbie Brown.)


mpal said...

Great idea! Do you think Laura will do centers with Mike and I? I want to play with play dough again!

Lisa said...

mmm thats a tough one. Good luck!