Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What I'm thankful for...

Randy my wonderful husband who lets me just go and do and is always proud of me.
Nicole a daughter who is not only smart but kind and who has grown up so beautifully.
Lauren a daughter who is always happy and a joy to be around, a light.
Andrew a son who is strong and athletic but kind and loving too, especially to me.
Heather a daughter who is fun and sassy, caring and a joy to be with.
Angela a daughter who teaches me daily about love, patience and eternal happiness.
Tyler a son I never knew I needed until I had him. He has brought us as a family the greatest joy. We love watching him grow and experiencing with him all that he experiences. He has in ways united us.

As I sit here writing through the tears, I know all that I have is a blessing from my loving Heavenly Father. I am blessed to know that I am His daughter and because of Jesus Christ's atonement I can be with my family eternally. The gospel has been a beacon of light for me to guide my life through this world of temptations and sorrows. I'm so grateful for this testimony that burns inside me.


Lauren said...

i love you mama!!

Heather said...

This is exactly how I feel. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.