Thursday, November 6, 2008

Twin happenings

Lauren received her 1st speeding ticket. She and Andrew were driving to school one morning when a policeman was patrolling the streets. He stopped about 5 cars, Lauren being one of them. She was doing 24 mph in a 15 mph school zone. Not good. When she was stopped she was a little flustered and couldn't find the registration and insurance cards. Needless to say, after a $180 payment (her money) she will be attending traffic school. Attending traffic school should hopefully take away any points for our insurance premiums to go up.

Andrew had to give a 15 minute speech in English Comp. He can be pretty shy in front of a group so he was nervous about the assignment. The topic was "What am I passionate about" He stressed about what to talk on and finally decided that he could talk the longest about track, specifically the 400 meters. He has been on the high school track team for a few years. He brought in a video of himself at a track meet when he was 7 years old to show how long he has been into running and after the video he explained about the strategy of racing the 400m. He took the class into hawk hall and demonstrated the running techniques he just talked about. The class saw that he was pretty fast so they pushed him into racing one of the football players, a fast running back, who was also in the class. Andrew won. It was one of those "I feel good about myself days" for him. I wish that everyday our kids could feel good about themselves. Not in a "I'm better than you are" way but in a "I can do lots of good things and that makes me a confident and happy person" kind of way.

They both took the ACT exam and are awaiting their scores.


Heather said...

I wish my Brittany would've had that day today. She tried out for the soccer team and was very confident that she had made it and didn't. You win some and you lose some...that's life :) She wants to try out next year-so that is good.

Lisa said...

Oh, life is so hard when you're in high school. That's great that she will try out next year. Definetly encourage her. Nicole tried out for the volleyball team her freshman year and didn't make it and tried out again the next year and she did make it. The coaches said, I can't believe you didn't make it last year. Sometimes there is no good reason. But is does build character. Its hard to see them go through hard times though.

Episode Experts said...

Yay for Andrew! Too bad for Lauren. I got my first ticket ever on the Ward campout this year. The Star Valley photo got me. I went to driving school last weekend. Luckily it is only 4.5 hours now. I had a funny instructor so it was not too terrible. Have fun, Lauren!

Teresa said...

I usually don't mind traffic school -- just the BIG money you have to shell out for it! Ouch.