Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's your favorite spot?

This is my favorite place to sit and veg in my house. A close second is a locked bathroom (Tyler likes to flush the toilet for me and screams when I lock him out. For whatever reason he decided that it is his job. AHHHH my crazy life!) Anyway, I like to sit on the couch and read and sometimes just ponder my worries, plans and make some decisions there. Its peaceful and usually a quieter room. Some of my favorite things are there. ( but that circle on the drapes? hmm maybe its time for a new camera.)

Senior pictures of Nicole, cuckoo clock from Austria, my grandmas cabinet in the upstairs hallway filled with my white statue collection, some of my favorite quotes and my fav Simon Dewey pictures. Here's what I see when I look up.

Here's the attached dining room. Sadly, we haven't used it much in 2 years. (I did mention that Tyler is 2, right.) He's got his car and Halloween costume in the corner. I think Andrew's swimming letter and senior gift (a towel embroidered with his name on it) might be on the table. BOYS!!! gotta love em!

So...What's your favorite spot?


mpal said...

My favorite spot is the lIving room. We have a humming bird feeder hanging in a tree out front, we can watch through the front window. An Arizona woodpecker and a hummingbird share the feeder. It is amazing to see both of them at the feeder at the same time - at first the hummingbird would fly off, but now they're buddies. My living room is also just a quiet peaceful place and it has the most comfortable furniture in the whole house! I love to read in there.

Teresa said...

A favorite place to about in front of my computer!!!! I hear sure hear ya with the 2 year old bathroom when do they grow out of that???