Sunday, December 21, 2008

The best day ever

Yesterday was my birthday. Usually I'm not that excited about growing older and having people remember that I'm growing older but this year I had a great day.
First of all my husband bought me just what I wanted. A Kitchen Aid mixer. I thought the price tag might scare him off but no not him and a lovely heartfelt card that made me feel very special and appreciated. He has a great way of doing that. :)
Then Tyler started throwing up (okay that's not the good part but it happened)
Then we packed up the family and drove up to Flagstaff. Nicole was coming down for Christmas and we picked her up there. ( I have her for 7 days ) We got there a little early and planned to play in the snow while we waited. Randy stopped the van on the side of the road for a minute to decide our next move and we got stuck. It was so funny. What do us Arizonians know about driving in the snow. Thanks to a few helpful passerbyers and a policeman who said, "You know I could give you a ticket for this" we got unstuck.
We finally played in the snow for 20 minutes before it started to get dark. Now what to do because she doesn't come for another hour. Well, we headed to the mall and did some shopping. KB Toys is going out of business and I love a good bargain.
Finally she arrived, my Nicole. We were all thrilled to see her. Before heading back home we had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. It was a 2 1/2 hour dinner of fun and catching up.(oh yeah and our waiter quit in the middle of serving us...that was freaky)
When we got home Nicole gave me a present she made. It's a picture frame with a quote that says, "A daughter is a little girl who grows up to become a wonderful friend" and a homemade heartfelt card that was kinder than kind and sweeter than sweet, saying things that mothers wait years to hear from their children. I cried! It was the best day ever.

Stuck in the snow!

Lauren being a goof ball.

It was 19 degrees. Brrrr

"Take as many pictures as you want, I'm not looking." Andrew doesn't like getting his picture taken. Unlike Lauren who is always posing for pictures.

We finally got Nicole!

All the kids together again.

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Teresa said...

Happy belated Birthday, Lisa. So glad you had a great day. If you were born just one day sooner we would have been twins!