Monday, December 22, 2008

Tyler's 3rd Birthday

Tyler turned 3 years old today. He was excited all day to have chocolate cake and blow out his candles. The Burdicks and Oma came over for cake and ice cream. We opened presents, had cake and played games. Ring around the Rosie, London Bridge, Musical Chairs, Silly dancing and Hide n Seek. He told me he had fun so I suppose it was a success.

Nicole gave him a BYU football jersey and a mini football that plays the school fight song.

His own guitar from Oma that he can play while the big kids play guitar hero.

His cake that he helped make.


A crazy competitive game of Musical Chairs. Nicole won!

3 boy cousins playing Musical Chairs Andrew, Jake and Noah. Jake Won!


B Murphy said...

What a fun blogspot. It brought back many memories to see the photo of "Oma". i spent many wonderful days at the Appel home growing up. My family will be in Mesa in February (15-20th) on vacation. We would love to stop by for an hour if you are in town. Will Genie be staying with you then?
Merry Christmas

Lisa said...

Hey Brian- It would be great to see you and your family in Feb. I have alot of good memories growing up in NJ. I've got a couple for you. Do you remember going to the Garden State Arts Center for a German exhibit and Boy Scout camp at Camp Liahona? Good times. My mom jumps from my house to hers so she'll be close by.