Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Family Crest

I have been thinking alot about the new primary theme for this year "My Eternal Family"...maybe because I went on a great date with Randy or maybe because my oldest daughter is away at school and I miss her, or maybe because I have a daughter in the spirit world waiting for me or because 2 of my children are graduating this year and deciding if they will move away from home in the upcoming months or because my little boy is now a Sunbeam in primary and learning gospel lessons or because I'm teaching the sharing time lessons this month. Probably all of the above...

I wanted to post in our family blog journal a picture that Heather did when she was about 9 years old. I think it was an assignment she was asked to share during the annual Sacrament meeting presentation that year. She was suppose to make a family crest and list the things that were important to her family. She asked everyone what was important to them as a member of our family and this picture is what she came up with.

Since the picture isn't very clear I'll try to clarify: In the 4 corners is a heart with CTR written inside it, a picture of a house, a picture of a temple, and books; the bible, D&C and the Book of Mormon. Then the motto on top that says, Pulsipher Power ( its what we say and do as a family, we each put a hand on top of each other and as we lift up our hands, say Pulsipher power. It got started a long time ago and is suppose to mean that we gain strength and encouragement from each other to help us when we feel we can't do something or feel alone. Power in numbers by people who love us.) Then she made a spot for each family member and wrote down what they told her was important to them as a member of our family: mom- kindness, dad- knowledge, Nicole- music, Lauren- family fun, Andrew- listening to the spirit, Heather- love and Angela. We will have to make a new crest to include Tyler. But for now I love looking at Heather's. Its usually right on top of the computer table.

*** I just realized that if you click on the picture you will be able to see it just fine. So much for my annoying explanations.


Susan said...

Great family crest. That's a great idea for every family. We made a crest/ banner last year for girl's camp putting the important things we are striving towards. It made a big impact on me especially, probably since I worked and worked on it.

The Heap family might have to steal your idea!

Lisa said...

Steal away- thats another thing I like about blogging you can get a lot of ideas from each other and learn great things about people that you normally wouldn't get to know.

Like you and your family- you guys are WAY fun!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Super cute - glad you framed it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog