Saturday, January 31, 2009

London's Run

This morning Andrew, Lauren and Heather participated in London's Run. It's a charity run in Queen Creek at Schnepf Farms. London is a little girl who battled cancer and eventually died from the disease. Her family started a benefit run (1/2 marathon, 10k and 2 mile run/walk) in her honor and the proceeds help other families who have children battling cancer. They are a great organization and a great family. You can tell that they really want something good to come out of their loss. This is our kids 2nd year participating. It makes you feel good, like you're really helping someone in need. It's every year at this time so if you want to participate there's always next year.

Before the Race

Lauren on the right and Heather just coming into the frame.

Participant Ribbons

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Joy For Your Journey said...

What a wonderful thing to participate in. We have friends who also lost a daughter to cancer and each year they have a benefit to raise money for cancer research. It is always nice when people can turn tragedy into an opportunity to serve others, and give us all an opportunity to serve as well. And it looks like everyone had a great time!