Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Sista!

Today is my sister Tanya's birthday. She moved down here from Seattle about 6 months ago. I get to see her and her family on a regular basis which is great.
Tanya is 10 years younger than me. I know you really can't tell. :) I used to love to play and take care of her. She was basically my favorite toy. I remember playing school a lot, of course I was always the teacher. I went away to college when she was still in elementary school. She has turned into quite a wonderful women. She's a great mother and a great cook. Mmmm... Did she get anything from me? Not really. She's better at so many more things than I am but I'll just keep that information my little secret.

Tanya at 3 years old. Notice her German dress. I told you my parents were German. I got to wear those fabulous dresses too. At least it wasn't leatherhosen like my brother had to wear. This was taken after church in New Jersey.

Us 4 kids. Dave, me, Monika and Tanya. I have no memory of ever wearing this dress that short. I blame my mother. Scary stylin glasses and 70's hair. Crazy! Nice flood pants Dave and could you have pulled them up any higher? I have no idea what Monika is looking at.

Tanya was around 14. She grew up in the 80's so that explains the teased high hair and blouse pin.

Us 4 kids again. Dave, me, Monika and Tanya. She was about 20 years old. I had 3 kids by then and may have been pregnant with Heather. I'm in the green. Don't you love my permed hair. Ha!


Joy For Your Journey said...

How wonderful to have a sister who lives close by. All of my sisters live in Utah. So sad. I am glad to hear your mother is doing well after her surgery. My mother was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery next week but they had to postpone it due to some other health issues that showed up in the pre-surgery blood work. Now I am very worried about her.

Lisa said...

I understand your worries because my mom was suppose to have her surgery in October but couldn't because of other health issues too. We had to wait until December and even then she didn't recover very well at all. That 1st week was really bad. It's much harder than I thought to care for my mom, not physically but emotionally. Watching her hurt and change because of medications is hard. I wish your mom well and hope the doctors will know how to best help her. It'll be alright, she will be watched over from above.

mpal said...

Cute pictures from the past! I really do love your permed hair. Every time I see a picture of myself with permed hair, I just have to ask what were we all thinking? It must be great to have a sister so close by.

Lauren said...

Are you telling me Dave has always worn his pants that high??
Crazy old man.