Friday, February 6, 2009

Its finally done!

Randy and I have been working for weeks (only on Saturdays) to organize our garage. We are lucky to have a 3 car garage and have been wanting to get it organized. We threw away and donated a ton of stuff. Now everything has a place.

This is the door coming into the house. I love the sign. I put it there when the kids went on a pioneer trek. That's the door we usually use to come into the house. My new freezer is on the right. And the Mormonad posters... I think the wall had a messy hole so I just threw up posters to hide it. I like them and its the garage who cares!


Teresa said...

Love it! That's also on our radar before the heat comes. I'll have to show Steve your pictures, maybe that will light a fire under him.

Jolene said...

I'm inspired. My spare bedroom (the junks) is in desperate need of organization.

side note: I went on the trek a couple of years ago as a big sister. I drove a bunch of kids home from my ward. As we drove up to each house and saw similar signs to yours I started bawling. By the time I pulled up in to my own garage - I had a sign up too) - I was a mess. I wish I would have kept it and put it up like you so that I could remember everyday that feeling I had when I came home from the trek.

Heather said...

I love to organize-I have a label maker and I label everything. It's almost comical-you'd have to see :) I think that helps a lot so that everyone in the family know's where things go. It's like they have no excuse to say that they didn't know where it went- It feels so good to have it like that I'm sure.

mpal said...

Well, I'm just impressed! I love to have things organized also, but I tell you - something has happened to me over the past five years and I'm not as fussy as I used to be. I think I better get myself organized and get a label maker like Heather.

Ann Marie said...

I am doing the happy dance for you!
I am so exited to see organizing in action! Way to go!

I want a poster on my door like that! Did the church make them? Or the individual wards do it?

I have an Edward ( from twilight ) poster in my garage.. I wanted one, and it's the only place I could hang it! LOL~
Fun with the mormon ads..
The room looks Great-Great!

Lisa said...

Thanks Ann Marie! Right now I'm working on my master walk-in closet. It's a mess. Then onto the linen closet and then kitchen cabinets. I've got the organizing fever. I blame you for that. :)

Our ward made posters for the pioneer trek. The sign has been up for 5 years already. I like it for the kids but I also like it to help remind me to make my home a loving and supportive place for my family. I LOVE being a mom.