Monday, February 9, 2009

10 room tag

Today was a rainy indoor day. A perfect day to do a fun tag my friend Ann Marie from An Old Fashioned Girl made up. The idea is to pick 10 rooms and then choose 1 thing in each room that you like. It was hard for me to choose just 1 thing but I discovered that the sentimental things are the ones that are the most special to me. I am not a photographer so I apologize for the pictures ahead of time.

This is the backyard. I like the built in BBQ because that means Randy cooks. He's our grill master!

Our bed. Randy picked it out and said that I was his queen and I deserved a queen's bed. Love that man.

This is a cross stitched wall hanging that my mom made for me in our master bathroom. Its of the song "Love at Home." The words are: "There is beauty all around when there's love at home. Time does softly sweetly glide when there's love at home." I like it because I look at it every morning before my day begins. Another one of those happy reminders for me.

This is Heathers room. She and I painted the stripes on her walls and she painted the night stand herself.

Andrew painted his room too. He painted skate symbols all over his walls and hung up his broken board. He did it all by himself. WooHoo!

Lauren made her room all shabby chic. She painted furniture and decorated. But what I really liked is that she chose to take off the closet doors and put up pretty shear curtains instead. Clever. I'll have to share the whole room sometime.

My grandma's cabinet that's in the upstairs hallway. It stores my white statue collection. I also love the picture on top of Jesus and a little girl. It reminds me of my little girl Angela who is in heaven.

I have a bunch of vinyl on my walls. This one is in the downstairs hallway with all my kids school pictures underneath it.

My laundry room has a rotating can storage shelf on the side opposite the washer and dryer. Randy made me a few flat regular shelves to fit boxed food too.

In the living room I like the curtains not because of how they look but because they fixed a problem. Let me explain... I have 4 windows in this room all different sizes. I wanted a way to make them look like they were all the same size. I really wanted a swag curtain but it wasn't the right fit for all the windows so that's why we chose this more formal look. It was the right size. I picked burgundy just for fun. They make the room look more formal than I wanted it to be but I punched it up with some color.

This is in my kitchen on top of the bread box. The little bear changes every month according to the season or holiday and the quotes change daily. Just when I think nobody is paying attention someone will quote from our daily quotes. Today's quote says, "As we understand God's love for us, our love for others grows as we seek to serve them."

Well that was fun. But now the kids are coming home and I get to drive them all over town. I actually did 11 instead of 10 but the backyard is not really a room, right? Who wants to do this tag? I would love to see what your favorite things are.


Anonymous said...

Looks great, nice collection of kids room furniture and decoration ideas.

Ann Marie said...

Yay! I love this tag!!!
I am so glad you did it!!
I see your nice grill and wish I lived in a warmer place.. That's the only thing I don't like about Utah... All the snow!!

I love your Grandmothers cabinet, your headbboard, the cross stitch, and the "formal" curtains.. But then, I like the *formal* look.

Your daughters have quite the talent! Stripes are hard!!!
I adore the shabby chic look, so I will be exited to see her whole room!

Shelf Reliance = Jealous!
Your home looks so lovely!!

I'm sorry you lost a baby girl.. I can't even imagine. You must be a really great woman.

Ann Marie said...

I forgot to say I was impressed by your sons painting skills as well!
Your family has got talent!

Thanks for the shout out!

KC Mom said...

What a great idea! I may have to do this tag. Since I print my blogs...this would be a go thing for my personal history! Thanks for sharing.