Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tyler wanted to be a superhero tonight. He brought me a kitchen towel and wanted me to put it on him. He has a lot of imagination. Sometimes he tells me he's a robot or a race car driver. But tonight it was all about being a hero.

Tyler showing his elbows- I mean muscles.

He getting ready to take off and run or fly. I'm not sure which.

P.S. Tyler said to me, "I like to be a superhero because I can do nice things for other people." Oh, and he likes to fly with his cape. The added Bonus!


Nicole said...

oh my gosh this is SO cute! i miss him

Ann Marie said...

He is a doll!
I love this "pretending" age!

You furniture in your living room is pretty.. Yes.. I am sick like that always looking at backgrounds and the whole picture...

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, way too cute!

Tanielle said...

Cute, cute pics. Love the imagination of the little ones! I sm doing a giveaway come over if you get the chance.

McEwens said...

If all kids grew up to be the kind of super hero he aspires to be, what a wonderful world it would be!