Saturday, March 7, 2009

Basketball is over and now Track begins

Andrew loves playing basketball. He can be found at our neighborhood park shooting hoops ready for pick-up games. He also plays with the men on Tues. nights from our ward. His sprained wrist really messed up church ball for him. His friends Trent and Quintin invited him to play with them on Quintin's basketball team. It was their stake championship game. Finally, his wrist was completely healed and his PT dad gave him the okay. He had a great time and their team won. They also had a slam dunk contest and a 3 point contest. Andrew got 2nd in the slam dunk and 1st in the 3 point contest. His prize was a new basketball! I didn't get to see all the fun because I thought he's just hanging out with friends- not realizing that it was a championship game. (I don't think Andrew knew either before he went. Pressure! But he loves the competition.)

He was really bummed this past Sat. because it turned out to be the last game for the YM ward team and he had a track meet to go to. He's on the high school varsity team and couldn't miss since he's the anchor on the 400x4 relay. He's a sprinter and this year is running the 100, 200 and 400 meters. I love to watch him race because he has such determination and really puts in the practice time to improve his time. He'll do 2 a day practices about 3 times a week.

Sad that I don't have any pictures. Joanna has a few basketball pictures on her blog. I'll try to get some track pictures up.

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