Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Senior Trip

Lauren went back to California for her Senior Trip. They went to Magic Mountain, Medieval Times and the beach. Back just in time for Easter. She took my camera with her and somehow the screen is broken. Not a happy momma.

In line at a ride in Magic Mountain. It was an overcast day so the crowds stayed away. Perfect for a day at an amusement park.

Jet, Jared, Lauren, Cody.

The Knight at Medieval Times. Again why does everyone pick her up. Mmmmm maybe she really likes being 5 foot tall.

Decorating Easter eggs with Jet.

Crazy girls at the beach.

High School boys!


Heather said...

The Medival Knight is cute! Did he get her number?-ha ha. I miss those teenage years-full of energy and stuff.

Joy For Your Journey said...

As my good friend would say, "she is so stink'n cute!" And she sings all the time. What a joy your kids must be. I went to a meeting about BYU I once and they joked their motto is, "Ring by Spring or your money back." I have two nieces who were both engaged after their first semester as BYU I--so not trying to scare you but . . . :-)

And about Andrew. I wish him the best in making his decision about where to go next year. For a mom I think it is nice to have them home, and the year between a mission and high school is a tough one so I liked being able to keep my eye on my son. But going away for the year helps them to adjust to a mission as well. So . . he probably can't go wrong either way.

Ann Marie said...

How fun! Those days come and go so fast.. I hope she enjoys BYU.
Maybe you need to rent a place in UT and come and visit? ;)

Thanks for your sweet comments this past weekend. You have been on my mind much...

Pancake said...

Looks like a grand time! too bad about your camera though

KC Mom said...

Looks like she had fun. She will love BYU-I. It's really a great place.
I love the color of your daughter's hair!

Tanielle said...

How fun!!! I want to go someplace fun too! Your kids are beautiful! BYU I close to where I grew up!!! And back when it was Ricks where I went to school!

Xazmin said...

Oh the days! What a fun time...and great pictures! be young again!