Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Andrew's been running on the High School track team. His favorite race is the 400. It's 1 time around the track. So far his fastest time is 51 seconds. He's been getting faster and faster each race so it's always exciting to see how he does. His goal is to make it to state like he did in Swim.

This is before his race waiting for it to start.

This is the 4 X 400 relay and he's waiting to get the baton. He's the anchor runner who runs in last position. Pressure!

I know this is a bad picture but look who's in the middle of all the girls!


Pancake said...

Hope he makes state in track too! My older sons were state swimmers too!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Wow! Running anchor is impressive. Congrats to him on doing so well, and good luck at going to state. My daughter is also in track but she does it solely for the social life. :-) Will both your son and daughter be going away to school next year?

Lisa said...

So far- Yes for Lauren. She's going to BYU I in the fall. Andrew is undecided between BYU I or MCC. He has an entire year before his mission. Sometimes he wants to go away and sometimes he doesn't.