Friday, May 8, 2009

20 year tag

20 years ago...
1. Married my Randy in the Los Angeles temple
2. My first baby was born 4 days after our 1st year anniversary
3. was living in an apartment in California
4. teaching 4th grade at Simpson Elementary

10 years ago...
1. had 4 children
2. moved to Arizona
3. served as the 2nd counselor in Relief Society
4. bought our 1st investment property (a 4-plex)

5 years ago...
1. moved into our current house
2. served as Young Women's president
3. our ward was dissolved and we were relocated into our current ward
4. my mom moved to Arizona from New Jersey a few blocks away from us

3 years ago...
1. last baby was born (a complete surprise)
2. served as the visiting teaching coordinator
3. had 3 high school students
4. decided to not try anymore to be super mom

1 year ago...
1. sister's family moved to Arizona from Seattle, WA a few blocks away from us
2. serving as the primary president
3. took my oldest to college
4. bought a new van- Honda Odyssey

So far this year....
1. I started this blog
2. I read the Twilight Series
3. lost the diamond in my wedding ring
4. organized our garage

Yesterday I...
1. had play group at our house
2. bought a new bra
3. enjoyed some peace while the big kids were at mutual
4. did 2 loads of laundry

Today I...
1. watched Andrew's regional track meet
2. took Lauren to pick up her life guard swimming suit and whistle
3. took the van into the shop- warranty stuff
4. visited with my mom

Tomorrow I will...
1. go to stake baptisms
2. go to my nephew's wedding reception
3. wash the kitchen floor
4. pick up temple recommend holders from Deseret Book that I ordered for the 12 year olds who are leaving primary

Next week I will...
1. go to Hobby Lobby to return a cork board and get a frame
2. go to Lauren's last concert choir
3. have a quarterly activity "The game of Life" for 120 primary children
4. take Andrew and Lauren for senior pictures (I know they are graduating in a few weeks but I think that kids change so much from the beginning of the year to the end and I want it to be accurate)

In the next year I will....
1. Attend the temple more often since Tyler will be in preschool
2. go to October general conference
3. continue to stock my food storage room
4. miss my 3 college kids

I tag all who read this.....yes that means you!


Loralee and the gang... said...

Hi Lisa-
I would do this tag, except that I already have! You can find it if you click a link within my Blogger Giveaway post from a couple days ago.

Looks like you have your kids spread out over a lot of years like we do! What are the ages of your kids? (And I am so sorry to read that you have lost a baby. But so good to know we have eternal families!)

Teresa said...

Let's pretend I didn't read this looks hard - way too much thinking involved. However, yours was fun to read -- you're a busy busy woman!

Momza said...

Your life has been one very busy Momma!
And continues to be so! That was really fun to read!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a fun and busy life you have! I think it is great your mother and sister have moved to live by you. I also think it is great you got a "delayed blessing" in your little boy. That will keep you young! Sorry about losing the diamond though.

Ann Marie said...

What a fun tag!
I again learned quite a bit about you!!

If you come up for conference... lets get together for lunch or something....

Lisa said...

A big YES Anne- for lunch!

Cherie said...

What a great tag!
I really like the one where you said you decided to stop being a super mom - Amen to that!!

I think all Mom's are super just because there is always so much to do!

Good luck with your Primary activity it sounds fun!

Episode Experts said...

That was a fun tag! I did not know you lost your diamond. I lost mine years ago at the gym but was lucky enough to find it after 2 hours of searching. Was yours insured?