Monday, May 11, 2009

Mission call

Last year at this time my mom went on a mission to Germany and if you remember 4 months later came home because she broke her left wrist. She already had a painful right shoulder so it made functioning very difficult. She received a medical release and had planned on returning after her wrist healed.

Our stake president counseled her to get a major check up to make sure all was well. While talking to doctors she decided to have shoulder replacement surgery. The surgery was a blessing because now she's pain free. (at least in her shoulder) I call her the bionic woman.

While all this has been going on she's been anxious to return to her mission. We all thought that she might return to Germany since she was there already and speaks the language. But the counsel came to remain in the United States just in case she needs medical care and to possibly move to a temple mission that would be easier on the body. Mom is 74 years old.

Her call came to serve in Salt Lake City on a Family History mission. She will have an apartment and a parking spot for her car. So exciting! She got set apart on Mothers Day and leaves the next morning for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mom has always wanted to live in Utah ever since she joined the church back in Austria. Her dream has finally come true. I'm so happy for her. Hoorah for Israel!

Picture taken with her AZ grand kids after she was set apart to be a missionary. We call her Oma (it's means grandma in German)

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Momza said...

Well that is just the sweetest post I've read all day.
You have a living legacy in your midst.
May her mission be seamless and wonderful.

Heather said...

I love your Mom, she is amazing! I hope when I'm 74 I can be just like her--so full of energy and life. She's the best!!! She's going to love her mission!

Cherie said...

She is the cutest little lady!!

Yayyy for her for wanting to return to her mission! She will love SLC - So fun!

Sean and Shari Tate said...

OH that's great news!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

She will love her mission. We have a couple who just returned from a FH mission and they had so many stories to tell. They also had several opportunities to serve in areas outside of FH--as in other areas of the church offices. Good for your mother!! And I am glad she is feeling better.

Loralee and the gang... said...

So cool - my mom just retired, at age 69 - and so my parents are getting ready to go on their mission!