Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mormon Prom

Lauren went to prom with Ben. Same dress as the first prom but different boy. She changed up her hair too. As you can see in the pictures she had tons of fun. Their group got lost while driving to go cliff jumping and went swimming instead for their day date. Thank goodness!!!

Ben and Lauren

Another picking her up picture- why not everyone else does.

Ben, Lauren, Nathan and Kari

Dancing away!

Her other prom date was also at Mormon prom. She was a little surprised but hey picture opportunity. She said it wasn't awkward at all. Eric, Lauren and Ben.

Princess carriage!

This jumping I can handle. As long as it was the deep end.

You first!

Lost looking for cliffs?

Still looking for cliffs. She said it was still lots of fun. Sometimes the best times are spontaneous and can't be planned.


Cherie said...

How cute! She is a tiny little thing no wonder everyone wants to pick he up :D

Love the Cinderella Carraige!

Cherie said...

P.S. I would have been so happy as a mom that they never found the cliffs! Whew!!

Momza said...

She is a cutie. What a great idea to have a "mormon prom" for the kids. We don't have those here.

And her dress is just exquisite! Looks like they had alot of fun...that's what teens do best!

Da Bergs said...

She is darling! Love that smile of hers! I love that they do "day dates" for prom... we dont do that here...

Heather said...

Her date is totally cute. :) I'm glad she didn't go cliff jumping too!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. I think that is so funny that everyone picks her up.

Loralee and the gang... said...

You have just proved to the world that it IS possible to look beautiful AND be modest for prom. So many of the girls in our ward wear strapless gowns, and then wear them to church on Sunday, with a little wrap or shawl of some sort. Who do they think they're kidding? Do they really think we believe that they left the wrap on all night? uh, huh, right. . .