Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Family Song

Back when I attended Relief Society lessons before my primary days. Okay, I'm calculating... about 2 or 3 years ago. I heard an inspiring lesson. The lesson was given by Cheryl Kirby and was about music. I can't remember a lot of details, sorry Cheryl, but I do remember her challenging us to make up a family song during our Family Home Evening.
We did this and here is how it went. I have found that the best way to have a smooth "new" thing is if I talk to my Randy about it before hand. If I explain it to him, ask his opinion on it, things work out much better. Then we are on the same page and are helping each other be successful. ( He usually is fine with most of my "ideas" but if he isn't and I really still feel strongly about it, I end it for now but keep it on the back burner until the time is right or I've softened him up. But that's another post.
Okay, back to the story... during FHE we broke off into 3 groups Me/Heather, Nicole/Lauren and Randy/Andrew. We all tried to come up with words to a song using the tune of a song we already knew. Then we came back together and picked the winning groups song to be our family song. We were all surprised when the best song was from Andrew and Dad. It's short and sweet but perfect for us.

Here's the song- to the tune of "I Hope they call me on a Mission"

We are the Pulsipher family.
We're trying to be eternal too.
We love to do things together.
Like church and work and play,
as families should do.

We sing it usually at FHE or whenever the moods strikes.


Joy For Your Journey said...

What a cute idea!! I will have my entire family together next Monday. We are going to Durango, Colorado for vacation. I think writing a family song would be a great idea.

mpal said...

You are amazing! So clever and you just so many great things to help and support your family. Maybe i can be like you when I grow up!

Suzanne said...

Hello Lisa!!

Nice to meet you and thank you for commenting on my blog! I love this idea of a family song!! That is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing! -Suzanne

Momza said...

Very neat idea. We have a family motto...well, two actually.
1* "it takes a family to take care of a family"
2* "Loathe is spoken here"

We need a song!