Thursday, July 16, 2009

Have you seen my keys?

A miracle....of great proportions has occurred at our house. For years, I have put my keys and cell phone in the same spot so I would always know where they were and never have to hunt the house for them. ( I also have a book there too just in case I have to wait while picking up kids. It helps me not to get annoyed if I'm enjoying myself reading)
Well recently my husband has begun to put his stuff there too. Now... I've told him for years that it would be a good idea for him but he never wanted to try it. He kept having to hunt down his keys, phone, sun glasses. It was his idea to give it a try. (I'm not gloating, really I'm not but I am smiling!)


Jolene said...

I just had to comment and tell you that I really loved that book that you are reading - Recovering Charles.

Cherie said...

This made me smile - It is just cute!!