Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Andrew has always been into sports. He loves competition. He was surrounded by sisters growing up and wished for a brother. He (Tyler) came eventually but many years later. He is fun loving, sensitive and naturally funny. He cracks me up while driving me crazy. He has a bit of a photographic memory. He's awesome. Love you bud!

Building with blocks on our deck in NJ

Playing in a cut down tree in the backyard. It was his clubhouse for a while.

First day of Kindergarten. Proud dad is holding Heather in the background.

Halloween with his 1st grade teacher. They used to have a parade around the school in NJ.

Baseball- maybe this was tee ball.


Swim team. His favorite stroke was the butterfly. He's closest on the starting block.

Rocky Point with friends. He's on the right (when his hair gets longer it curls up)

Brothers at Disneyland. He is a great big brother. Tyler knows that Andrew will do anything for him.

Hot dog eating contest.

I think this was a scavenger hunt game.

School dance. He's on the far right.

He eats a lot!


Cherie said...

He is a very handsome guy!

I also have an older son 23 and he had to wait a long time to get a little brother because I had girls in between.
I can remember him always telling me to have a brother for him so he could be "Bobsey Twins" which always made me laugh (where he got that I do not know).
So the the sweet picture at Disneyland of your older son holding the younger one gets my heart - Love it!

Lisa said...

the swim picture.. no way that's andrew!