Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Lauren is the older twin by 1 minute. She is a shortie about 5 foot tall but with a big personality. She's very kind and energetic and has a billion friends. What a treasure she is to our family. Love you sis!

Lauren was in a play in preschool. She was Snow White.

She loved that hat. It was cold outside so she was very happy to be wearing a skirt instead of pants.

Dress up was her favorite birthday gift.

More dress up

And more...Andrew is in the background. He's been a Laker fan for a long time.

She took a lot of dance classes. Jazz was her fav.

She's changed over the years but the little girl is still there. Hope she always will be. Taken at EFY (Especially for Youth).

Found a funky Synchro cap

Posing with Flowers. Just got asked to a dance.

Prom- Junior year

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