Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Love Primary!

What a joy it is to go to church and serve the primary children. I feel such a responsibility to teach them the gospel and help them to feel the spirit. What wonderful children and teachers we have in our Monterey Ward.
Today was our Primary Sacrament Presentation. I love the songs and all the children did great! I wonder if I can stay in primary forever???

This was Tyler's part: "I will be baptized, just like Jesus was."


Cherie said...

Primary is the best!

Diana said...

The primary did a wonderful job! I really enjoyed the beautiful music and all those sweet voices singing. You are a wonderful Primary Pres. Lisa! Thank you for all you do for the children of Monterey Ward! :) The program was a great success!

Ann Marie said...

Wow.. your the Pres?! Way to be!
I admire your love for them...
Our program isn't for another month!