Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home away from Home

Well, It really happened- I have 3 kids in college. It was an emotional and exciting few days. On the second night in our hotel I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of more things that we had to get and do. Then a strong feeling overwhelmed me... it was time for us (mom & dad) to leave and we needed to let them begin their college lives. That morning when I awoke I told Randy that we are just gonna finish up what we can but we are saying good bye to them today. Knowing how the day was going to end I found myself shedding a lot of tears, mostly by myself because I was trying to put up a good front. When the spirit tells you its the right thing to do- it is and I truly was comforted and at peace. We said good bye to Lauren first and then Andrew. I held it together for her but lost it a bit with him. Then we left. Thank goodness for texting and cell phones because I still needed some contact but I'm doing much better.
We are back home now and the house is sooo quiet. Two 18 year olds really made a lot of noise. There used to be nonstop action and activity at all hours. I'm trying to adjust to this new phase of my life. Haven't embraced it yet but I'm working on it.

This was a fun water area at a local park. We played here while the twins were in meetings. Tyler was very happy! So was Heather and Nicole.

This is Andrew's room and closet. We just came home from shopping, that's why there's bags on top of his bed, He's not crazy about sleeping on top- afraid he'll hit his head. He hasn't slept on a top bunk for eight years.

Here is Lauren's room and closet. Her closet is fully loaded as is her two dresser drawers. We even got four cinder blocks to hike up her bed for added storage.

This is Nicole's room and closet. I have missed her so much. We went to dinner at her favorite restaurant, Mexican food of course.

In her apartment. My oldest child with my youngest child.

Nicole and two of her room mates. They were leaving to sing at a local club. Check out their shoes. Oh, to be young again.


KC Mom said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I only have one at college. I felt the same way when it was time to go. Even though I wasn't ready, I knew she needed to learn to be alone.
Great pictures!

Ann Marie said...

Somedays... I so long for my kids to grow up.. and then I read posts like this.. and want them to stay the same age forever..

Loved to see the rooms. They are all so different and unique.. :)

Sean and Shari Tate said...

I have one thing to say.....TREASURE those text messages! OH I can't count on 2 hands how many times I reached for my phone to text my boys after dropping Daniel off to the MTC and Zack to the airport....be grateful for that little bit of communication cuz it's SO HARD when it's gone!!!
You are strong!! This will get you ready for mission time!

Rebecca Talley said...

I have 3 that have left. One is getting married next week--that's a very hard adjustment to make, let me tell you. And one is so homesick she can't stand it and is coming back home. So, I'll still have two out of the house. It does make me very sad because I wonder where all the time went.

Episode Experts said...

It's so fun to see how their personalities came out in their rooms. We need parks like that all over the place here!

Small House said...

Ya know....It's hit me like a ton of bricks this past year, knowing that the kids are to the point that they are heading out. It kills me!!! Exciting for them though.

Have some chocolate, and watch a movie of your choice!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I too feel your pain!! How lucky you are to still have kids at home though. Being down to one has been hard for me. Although with my oldest in town this week with her baby, I have started thinking that a little quiet once in a while is a nice thing. :-) I guess the grass is always greener . . .

Loved seeing the rooms. I had to laugh though at Lauren's room all cute and Andrew's with a big package of toilet paper. Seriously, who needs all that cute stuff, when you have the essentials? :-)

Lauren said...

I love you mama! Thanks for making me homesick =)

Cherie said...

How fun that you took pictures of all of their rooms!

It is hard. I have 3 in college too. I miss all the busy activity around the house. Of course, you had 2 leave at once. Yikes.

That is fun that you stayed awhile to get them (and yourself - hee hee) settled in.

One of your other friends already commented on this subject but enjoy the closeness of phone calls and texts because the mission thing is killer!