Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visiting Oma at Temple Square

The first leg of our college road trip was to visit my mom who is on a Family History Mission in SLC. She works in the international department and is doing great. Remember she did have shoulder replacement surgery just a few months ago and now has complete mobility in her shoulder. As she says, " The Lord always provides."

Here is a shot of our load...Randy finally had to tell Lauren, No more stuff!

Walking over to temple square to watch the Joseph Smith movie. So good!

Lauren, Tyler, Nicole and Heather. My girls love their bags.

I love the Salt Lake temple. I'm always in awe of its beauty and history.

Oma and Tyler together again. He has missed her a lot. She's the best story reader and game player.

Tyler loved the Christus. His favorite primary song is "I'm trying to be like Jesus". He got shy standing there so Lauren posed with him.

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Cherie said...

Visiting SLC is so wonderful.

I LOVE that trailer full of stuff - ha ha - Girls have so much!