Sunday, October 18, 2009

Movie review

My daughter and I went to see Love Happens today. There is major football and baseball watching going on at our house on Saturdays and I couldn't take it anymore. So, instead of complaining I made lemonade out of lemons and went to the movies. Heather didn't mind- she needed a football break too.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was cute and sweet but also had great meaning and healing in it. Its like a how to feel good movie. You'll have to see it so that makes sense. It also has one of the best date scenes. So cool. Granted some things didn't seem to fit like the "random words" but it was still cute. I had a friend who majored in film and would be so critical of plots and an authentic story line but I feel that if I laughed and cried and it made me feel good; I liked it. So I give it my stamp of approval. Go see it you might like it too.

Hey...I should do this every Saturday. A girls got to do, what a girls got to do. Wasn't that a line in a movie?


Momza said...

Oh I'm right there with you about the football...a movie sounds great! And I've heard good things about this one!
So thanks!

Pedaling said...

thanks- always hoping to see a good one!

Small House said...

OH GOOD! I need a good movie to go to. THANKS!