Friday, October 9, 2009

A day on the farm

Tyler went to Schnepf Farm with his preschool class. His first trip to a farm. He got to pick out a pumpkin, pet some animals, watch a pig race, and go on some rides. It was a fun day.

His favorite farm animal is a cow. (I have no idea why....probably something to do with chocolate milk) This calf would not wake up.

He liked the donkey and laughed when he pet it. So cute.

He was a little scared of the sheep. It wasn't too friendly.

Farmer flyer airplane ride

Bumble Bee ride.

Merry Go Round. He would give me a thumbs up before and after he passed me.

A few friends after the train ride around the farm. My favorite ride.

It was a nice sunny day in the low 80's. No school next week because of fall break. We usually go to Rocky Point in Mexico during fall break. We camp on the beach with a huge group of families but not this year. Too many road trips and Randy can't take anymore time off. Bummer. We don't have any plans yet but Heather is sad. Alot of her friends are going. I'm sad too. The beach- my favorite place and the company- spending time with great friends.


Momza said...

What a sweet boy you have...he's at that sweet age that I so enjoyed with my own kids.
Cute cute cute!

Heather said...

we're not going anywhere either :) Tyler is such a cutie pie!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, how fun. Seeing your pictures brought back memories. So sorry about next week. We don't even get a fall break. Just Monday for Columbus day, that is all.

Teresa said...

The field trip looks fun...and I was VERY bummed out about your family not coming with us to'll be missed for sure!!!

Small House said...

He is adorable!!! And that is one heck of a farm!!! I think he should be a little scared of the sheep. They can be mean. Smart boy. Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures.