Monday, October 5, 2009

A perfect weekend

We drove up to Utah for General Conference early Friday morning. We stopped to see Nicole on the way. She hurt her back the night before playing intramural volleyball and was having a hard time walking. I was worried she wouldn't be able to go to conference. She was in a lot of pain for most of the time but suffered thru. Heather caught the cold bug that Tyler and I had and was sick most of the time too. She also suffered thru. Love them! Nicole is the music director in her ward.

Lauren and Andrew came too. I think Andrew grew taller and is constantly hungry. I'm not sure he's eating enough. His calling is the FHE dad. He's keeping up with his classes and also on an intramural soccer team (he defends the goal, not sure what that position is called) and is also on a competitive football team. (his position is running back) Loves playing both sports. No surprise.

Lauren loves her roommates and is having lots of fun. She joined the swim team and made the relay. Someone talked to her about possibly starting up a Synchronized swimming club. Her calling is the FHE mom. Andrew and Lauren are in different apt. complexes and in different wards but have similar callings. Fun!

We attended the Saturday sessions of conference. Me and the kids at the 1st session and Randy and the kids the 2nd session. One of us had to stay with Tyler because you have to be at least 8 years old to go into the conference center. The boys went to the priesthood session while us girls hung out at the mall. Tyler got a puppy dog at Build a Bear and named him college.
My brother Dave and Tina his wife, along with daughters Jeni and Stacie were also there. They came down from Oregon. The girls live in Utah. It was great to see them! We're planning a cruise together sometime this year- schedules pending. We watched Sunday sessions all together in my mom's apt. and she made German food for us in between sessions. Oh, the memories.

The talks were wonderful and personally meaningful. All in all it was a perfect weekend. Loved the choir. They sounded so good in the conference center. Loved Elder Bednar's talk, Elder Holland, Pres. Monson and Pres. Uchtdorf. I feel strengthened and ready to handle life. I LOVE conference!

UPDATE... Andrew had football practice today and had to get stitches just above his right eye. I just left him 24 hours ago. Geez


Ann Marie said...

Sometime when your here in Utah.. you need to stop by!

What cute pictures.. I like the bears name..:) He must hear that word alot! ha-ha

I loved conference too.. Elder Eyring gave that talk for me.. and Elder Hollands was one of the best and most powerful conference talks I've ever heard!

Cherie said...

WE loved the same talks!! I am sure you loved them all like I did but those ones specifically were amazing!
It was a perfect weekend to be AT conference with all your kids. I am so jealous! How great is that!
I hope Andrew is not hurt too badly - stitches oh my!!

KC Mom said...

Sounds like college is going well!
We went out to conference too. It was so great. I think everyone should do it at least once.

Heather said...

I love that Tyler named his dog college--he must be hearing that a lot! Sounded like a fun trip.

Small House said...

DARN...had I known you'd be at the Saturday morning session, we could have said hello. We felt so fortunate to hear the choir sing "Come Come YE Saints." It just blew me away!!! They also sang my favorte song of all "Whenever I hear the song of a bird and look at the blue blue sky...." LOVE IT! Enjoyed the same talks. Infact, there wasn't one talk I didn't enjoy this entire conference. This morning I listened to the priesthood session on, and enjoyed that to!

If you get to Utah again, let me know. I'll head to Salt Lake, we'll pick up Ann and have dinner.
Have a great day.

mpal said...

Sounds like a great trip. So nice to have your children all together!
I love Tyler's name for his dog, that is so cute!

Joy For Your Journey said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. We had a good time here in town watching conference and spending time with my husband's family, but I must say I am a bit jealous you got to be with your kids. I am sure missing mine. However, I am really happy you were able to all be together. Those are times you don't really appreciate until your kids start going off to school.

Suzanne said...

I was at the Saturday morning session!!! Such a small world! -Suzanne