Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Watch out the girls are out! Some how I got to be the get-away driver.


The Garden of Egan said...

Have a good time and don't get caught.
Happy Thanksliving!

Momza said...

Ahh the fine art of TP'ing....I'm up there with the BEST of "em! Have Fun!

Joy For Your Journey said...

How fun! We have done a lot of that over the years. The worst experience is when we tped a house and then left a birthday cake on the porch and lit the candles. The candles caught the nearby toilet paper on fire which we scrambled to put out (I was a YW leader taking the girls out one night during a sleepover). My kids are pretty good at it too. One time we came home from a trip to discover our year supply of toilet paper had vanished. A few families in the ward called me to let me know they knew exactly where it was. In their trees!!

Episode Experts said...

Good times! I have lots of fun memories of that. It's a pretty harmless prank if you do it nicely.

jenjen said...

So funny! I remember those days. Cute pic!