Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am gearing up for a busy week. I'll be having two kids home this weekend from school and one more next week. She'll be bringing 2 friends along. The house will be full and noisy again. Hooray. I've missed the noise. Here's what's been happening:

Nicole got into the nursing program. She'll start next semester. (it was really tough and competitive) Good job! I'm not surprised though, she always accomplishes what she sets out to do.

Lauren met a boy, an Idaho boy, not sure how I feel about this yet. He's from Boise.

Andrew is teaching lessons/discussions in mission prep class. He says the teacher calls on him all the time.

Heather made the play (musical) at school. Her show is this weekend. I'll take pictures then. She's one of the step sisters in Cinderella.

Tyler has been sick again (stuffy nose and a cough) and has enjoyed playing Nintendo 64. (Andrew's old game)

Randy has been working a lot and is still the love of my life. We were watching Sleepless in Seattle the other night and he said, "That is exactly the way I think of you" when Tom Hanks was describing his wife. Awe, what a guy, he's definitely a keeper.

Me, well I've been redoing the downstairs bathroom, planning primary for next year with my presidency, and getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. I've been organizing cabinets and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I love cleaning things out. It feels good to get my house in order.

Oh Yeah, and The movie this Thursday night! Can't wait!!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Congrats to Nicole on getting into the nursing program!! That is awesome. I know it is very hard to get into.

So about Lauren. Hmmmm. Do you think this is serious? She is so young. Idaho boys are great though. But still . . . is she at BYUI? I hear their motto is "Ring by Spring or your money back." (Seriously that is what they told us.) And it worked for two of my nieces. The other one took a few more years. But they ALL married great boys from Idaho. Good luck with that.

Congrats on everything else. How fun to have your family home. We are going to Utah for Thanksgiving. It seemed cheaper than flying two girls home.

Cherie said...

Well first congrats to Nicole on getting into the Nursing Program - That is SUPER tough and limited spaces - Wow that is a great accomplishment!
Who is the Boise Boy I am wondering if we know him - exciting!!
That is so sweet the compliment that your hubby gave you! Love is so great!
The holidays are great...don't you love all the hustle and bustle and I am with you on the noise. When those kids come back and fill the house again it is glorious!!!
Yayyy for the movie this Thursday - Woot!

Suzanne said...

Congrats to your daughter on the nursing program. I have a couple of friends that had to wait quite a while to make it into their nursing programs. That is exciting!

What fun to have the family coming home with guests! I laughed when I read the "ring by spring" comment. Too funny!

You are my soul sister this week in that we cleaned our drawers out together!! Yay orderliness!! Is that a real word?? Oh well!! Yay for clean stuff!! Thanks for you positive comments! -Suzanne

The Garden of Egan said...

Congrats to Nicole! What nursing program did she get into?
Uhm, don't worry about Idaho boys, they really are OK.
Looks like you have a fun week ahead. I'm planning for a housefull as well and am looking forward to it.

Pedaling said...

life is good.

why is it we always clean out our cabinets when we already have a million things on our list?

Small House said...

OH MY....you are going to be and ARE busy. YEA for your daughter. Nursing is a hard program to get into. My sister just graduated from nursing, and my daughter will be pursuing this program.

Seriously....could a husband pay a better compliment, than reacting to sleepless in Seattle??? WOW!!!

Good luck with the coming week.

mpal said...

Can you come over to my house and organize? I used to be that way but not anymore!!!!! Congrats to Nicole, and the boy thing yeah, I would have mixed feelings as well. Your husband is such a Romantic.

Xazmin said...

I'm so glad you're going to have a full house!

I loved reading all these updates...it sounds like you have such a neat family.

And what's wrong with Idaho? I was born there you know...although I consider Utah home!