Friday, December 18, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

We have been dressing the house up for Christmas. A while back I did major cleaning out in our garage and got rid of a ton of Christmas decorations. These are the ones that made the cut and have been around with our family for a long time. The special ones.

This is an advent calendar that I made years ago from a sheet of metal, magnets and laminated pictures.

Okay, this is not a decoration but my new red purse. It's holiday...ish!? I feel decorated when I hang it over my shoulder.

Christmas card holder keeps them safe until I put them up.

Snowman candy cane holder. A little boy ate up all the candy canes!

The kids loved to play with these Santas. I think it's German because I remember playing with a set like this when I was a little girl.

Our stocking holder broke last year and I wasn't sure what to replace it with. In the meantime Heather attached them here and we all liked it. My mom made the stockings.

Door drafter. It's not cold here so we just put him on the stairs.

The unbreakable nativity set.

I LOVE the smell of these scenty pinecones.

We love Christmas books. This one makes me want to have a chocolate orange.

The only snowman I get to see this winter.

Miracle on 34th Street Kris Krinkle cane

We moved the tree this year to the back family room instead of its usual place in the front room. Sometimes you just can't mess with tradition. It will go back to its original spot next year. Sorry kids.....What was I thinking?
Christmas books are under the tree. Tyler enjoys moving the ornaments around.


Momza said...

we always read the Orange story...and then we crack open a chocolate orange! My kids love this!

Suzanne said...

I complete agree with the red purse. If the house gets adorned, then so should you! Love the advent calendar, very creative. I think your stockings look great on the railing, I was surprised to see so many! Hope your holidays are joyful! -Suzanne

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love the purse! And I am also a fan of chocolate oranges. I have to have one every year. We also love to get out all the Christmas books. I can't wait until tomorrow night when I will have all my family home to read them!!! Oh, and about the Christmas tree . . . I changed how I decorated mine this year and do not like it at all. I am yearning for my old one. I totally agree about not changing some traditions.

Teresa said...

I also love the red PURSE....and I noticed you called it a purse and not a BAG...are you feeling okay? What a good idea to blog about your tradions and decorations.

Tauna said...

I loved seeing your beloved decorations. I also love your purse. You do look like a decoration.
There have been so many that have talked about their tradition of Christmas books, I will put that idea on the front burner for next year.

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

I hope your weekend has been great!
I LOVE the red purse. I kind of have a purse addiction.. but can get away with it.. because I get them so cheap!

Yay for de-junking old decorations and saving the best! I love that they all have meaning!

Hmm.. why do I associate a chocolate orange to that book too?
Hope your week is great!!