Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mom, It's cold down here.

My little guy woke up an hour and 1/2 earlier than usual. I had just gotten home from dropping off car pool at school and was downstairs folding clothes. I must of been loud because down he comes curling up next to me. He announces, "It's colder downstairs then upstairs." Instead of starting a science lesson on how heat rises I offered him a blanket. "No, I don't want a blanket." "How about getting dressed into your clothes?" "No." He says, "I want to wear my coat and have some hot chocolate" ....So here you have it. Hot chocolate in your PJ's wearing your coat.

It was only 50 degrees outside and about 77 degrees in the house. Silly guy! He's definitely an Arizona boy.


The Garden of Egan said...

He is a silly! 50 degrees??? That's tropical.
Darling picture!

Momza said...

Ohhh what a cutie! 50o is perfectly acceptable hot cocoa weather!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I had hot chocolate this morning as well!! Once it gets down below 60 I bring the hot chocolate out--even if I have to sit on the front porch (where it is colder) to drink it.