Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have been consumed with lots of thoughts lately....

My husband wants to downsize but I'm trying to hold him off for a bit longer.

My daughter thinks she found THE right boy. The "M" word keeps coming up.

My son is teaching Elders Quorum. Good teaching practice for missionary work. We'll have to jump on paperwork when he gets home in April.

My other daughter wants to live in WA for the summer and work. Darn independent first borns.

My other daughter is 14....enough said!

My little guy wants to play with me all the time. He's my buddy!

I was scheduled to have surgery but the pre-surgery blood test came back with red flags. So I postponed the surgery and had more testing done. I stressed over what disease I had until I got the results- all is fine, negative results.

I'm toying with the idea of joining Weight Watchers or maybe I should just get my butt moving.

I'm trying to grow out my hair and its taking FOREVER.

My turn to do sharing time this month in primary. I love sharing time!


Ann Marie said...

Wow.. there are a lot of thoughts going on there!

Surgery for what?

I would LOVE to see a picture of you.. I was just thinking when you mentioned your hair.. that I have NEVER seen a picture of you!

I hope all of these decisions that you and your family are facing work out for the best!

Have a good Sabbath.. XO

Cherie said...

Lisa you do have alot going on. I think we are about in the same stage of life and those darn kids just go off and do things - ha ha.

The downsizing...that is such a hard call. We have found we need space for when they all come home at holidays, etc...I always want to have room.

The "M" word sounds fun!!

My oldest went to New York one summer and France the next summer - I think it is a first born thing although my third is talking about China...What??

Oh man what is your surgery for? I hope you are OK.

It was fun to hear a little more about what is going on in your world.

Have a Happy Sunday!

Lauren said...

You were going to have surgery??
WHAT!? Mama, that's something that you tell your daughter!

Suzanne said...

Wow! You have a lot of changes happening in your life! It sounds like a lot of new adventures are just at your door step! Good luck with it all! I hope that your surgery goes well too! Have a lovely Sunday! -Suzanne

Lisa said...

I have a couple of growths on the back of my neck that I'm getting removed. I've been told by 4 different doctors that they are normal and nothing to worry about but that they could grow bigger. I've been wearing collared shirts and growing my hair out to cover them up. They are getting pretty big so its time to get rid of them. That's my surgery story. It's suppose to be a quick one day procedure, home by dinner.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am glad you answered the surgery question, but about the M word. I take it this is your daughter who just graduated from high school? Is she up at BYU-I? Didn't I warn you about the ring by spring or your money back policy? :-) Tell her she is much too young. (It won't do any good, but tell her anyway.)

Wow. So much going on. Good luck with everything.

Lisa said...

Lori- Yes, it's that daughter. Believe me I've been telling her how young she is and she agrees but... she's in love. I haven't met him yet but he seems great. No engagement til then. I'm sure she has some pictures of him on her blog. Peace. Love. Lauren. under my blog list.

Episode Experts said...

We need to upsize - how about we switch houses?!? Hahaha

Small House said... do have allot on the brain. The M word would scare me to DEATH!

Good luck keeping it all together. And sorry to hear about the surgery. YUCK!