Monday, March 8, 2010


Aren't aprons great? It just makes baking and cooking so much more fun. The purple one was my grandmas. I think I cook better when I wear it. Each of my girls have aprons and wear them when they bake. I especially like vintage ones. I found a bunch when I went to my favorite antique store.

Do you wear aprons?


Cherie said...

I like aprons and they are all of a sudden so very very popular!
I think it is neat that you have one of your grandmothers aprons.
I would like to make a few aprons in the near future!

Ann Marie said...

Like Apothecary jars.. I am an apron addict also.

I have never found one yet that I LOVE-LOVE that is just the cutest yet. They all either are sentimental ( which is great ) or a token of love that I wear because it reminds me of a friend.

With them so popular... I hope one day to buy one that is PERFECT for me. Shape.. color.. and etc.

I LOVE that you wear one of your Grandmothers aprons. I agree.. I think we cook better with them on!

Suzanne said...

ABSOLUTELY!! I love aprons!

My love however did not start until I started cooking, which sadly was not long ago! I love to make my own aprons too!

I am very jealous of your granma's apron. That is just way cool! I think aprons need to make a come back for wearing all the time when in the home, not just cooking!

Hope you have a lovely day! -Suzanne

Momza said...

I do too! I have a couple, but my fav is one my daughter had made for me on her mission--it has MOMZA embroidered on the front. I wear it all the time!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yes I do! I also love to sew them...

Small House said...

YES I aprons! I'm so happy for you that you have your GRANDMA'S apron! How cool is that. You can't help but cook better in an apron. It's a fancy way of cooking. You look like a pro in an apron.
Have a great day.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I rarely use an apron, but I have two I love. Both were given to me by friends as gifts. And both very much reflect the personality of the giver. I can't believe you still have one from your grandmother though. How sweet is that!