Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Style change

I changed out the style of our downstairs bathroom about 5 months ago and realized that I never posted about it. It used to be the only crafty country room in the house. (my last house used to be completely country) Unfortunately I don't have a before picture but think flowers, bird houses, whiteness and a light blue shower curtain with flower hooks.

I didn't change out any fixtures or change the paint color just updated the look. I like the brown and light green color. I'm not sure what you call this style. I think its a little more grown up and fits better with the rest of the house.

This is our guest bath.

The white shelf used to have birdhouses on it. I might paint it green or brown.

Fancy mirror that called out to me. I couldn't resist.

Just found this wire basket. Good for towels right?

Nope. This is the bathroom Tyler uses the most. He likes to read when he's doing his business so its full of his books. Now he doesn't have to yell to me, "Mom, I need a book to read".

Yea that's my life a bathroom attendant.


Ann Marie said...

So VERY cute!!!
Great choice of style! My MIL and FIL just did their Master bath and Bedroom in these colors and they are so pretty!

If it were me.. I wouldn't paint the shelf. It makes it stand out.. you don't want EVERYTHING matchy-matchy.. just enough to make it all go together.

This is the most frugal/efficient way to decorate! To use the same fixtures and paint.. but just change the curtains and towels and accessories! Good job!

We had to "gut" our bathroom. The 100 cats that used to live here..the no drawer factor with our vanity would have cost a couple hundred dollars.. and things were RUSTY/MOLDY bad.

I hope now that it is FINALLY how I want it.. the future changes will only be paint and etc...

Good job Lisa!
~ Oh and good call on the magazine basket.. I like to read in their too! TMI I know!!!

Cherie said...

I think it looks great! Between you and Ann Marie updating your bathrooms I am feeling an itch!! My main bath definately could be more grown up.
I too love these colors. I think they look sophisticated. The brown mirror...LOVE LOVE that!!

Good job!

Garden of Egan said...

Very darling!!! Love the color.

Bathroom attendant....hilarious!
At least he enjoys reading.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Very cute!! I love those colors together. And your comment about being a bathroom attendant is too funny.

So any more news about wedding plans?

Momza said...

I like it. Very updated.
The idea of a child reading in the bathroom made me smile. And with his own stash of books too! funny funny!!

Pedaling said...

oooo- i like this style change.
very nice!
i could really relax and poop away!

Annie said...

Love the color combo. It's amazing how little changes in little rooms can bring big happiness and enjoyment.