Monday, May 17, 2010


Another one of those documenting history kind of posts. Not everybody finds their boyfriends in college classes. People like me find them when their working.....just a tidbit of information to pass on for posterity's sake.

- My first job was as a cashier for Sun Glo Bakery in NJ. We lived right next door. The owner was waiting for me to turn 16 so I could work for him. I worked a couple of days after school and then early Saturday mornings. I would have to open the store. Our house was in between the bakery and Mr. G's (the baker) house. He would always know when I came home or should I say how late I came home on Friday nights. I admit sometimes he would call me at 4:30am and ask when I'm coming in. (Mr. G and I still exchange Christmas Cards. He was a wonderful boss and neighbor.)

- I also worked at Orange Julius in the mall. It wasn't too bad. I was always cleaning or wiping down something.

- Worked for Darda Toys as a toy distributor. Basically, I would set up a toy car display in stores and play with the cars in hopes that someone would buy them. I worked in Macys (met a boy there) and I also displayed at FAO Schwartz in NYC. That was the big leagues in our company. It was so fun spending my days in New York especially during my breaks because then I could go exploring in the city.

- Then I was off to college.

- Jobs I did while I was home for the summer. Front Desk Clerk at a Hotel (met a boy there), Hostess at a Restaurant, Factory worker packaging gift baskets off an assembly line

- During school I worked as a waitress at El Sol Mexican Restaurant in Logan. (I met a boy there)

- While doing my student teaching I was offered a teaching job. It was to have a gifted and talented class, sort of like enrichment. It was fun. I would make up lesson plans using the schools materials in their library. She basically created a job for me which is very cool.

- After graduation I accepted a teaching job in California. I taught 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades at 2 different elementary schools. ( I met Randy while I was teaching school. He would say," I can't believe I'm dating a teacher." This was my dream when I was in elementary school.)

- Motherhood began.

- Had my own preschool in our home and a dress-up birthday party business while hubs was finishing up his schooling. My mom helped out with both jobs.

- Somewhere in there I worked for a Dermatology office too.

The hardest job was teaching after I had my 1st child. I would cry every morning because I didn't want to leave her. I had this inner struggle with myself that I was working with other peoples children but what I really wanted was to stay with my own child. I stopped working when she was 18 months old because I was 6 months pregnant with the twins. Doctors orders.

My favorite jobs were teaching 2nd grade and having my own preschool. I taught preschool for 5 years. I had to hire 2 assistants because I had so many kids. I only planned on doing it while my own children where preschool age but I had a waiting list. Guaranteed money, already planned lessons, staying home and a love for teaching children... I couldn't resist.


Garden of Egan said...

That was so fun to get to know you better.
Jobs were good for met a lot of boys!

Glad there are awesome people out there like you that are able to teach little ones.

Lesa said...

Fun post! Made me think about all my jobs. I might have to copy you and do this kind of post in the future.

Guess what? My family ate at El So lots! We probably ran into you there.

Lesa said...

Also, I gave you a blog award on my blog today!

Saimi said...

That was fun learning about all your different jobs! Thanks for sharing. I'm impressed that you had a home preschool, it's what I do on a different level.

You'll have to take a peek at my preschool blog called Three Days a Week. We teach special Ed preschoolers.

Momza said...

this is a really good idea for a post, Lisa!
Thanks for sharing with us!