Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Reception

When I got married almost 22 years ago I had two receptions. One in California and the other in New Jersey. Both were given by our mothers as gifts. They were beautiful and nice but didn't reflect my likes or personality much. The one my mom did more so because she knew me better.
While planning Lauren's reception I wanted hers to reflect her personality and be how she always dreamed it would be.
Well here it is. It was quite a party!

Sign in table.

Time Line
The clothes pins were stamped with ages so you could see what he was doing at the same time she was doing other things. He's 3 years older. Those darn flowers kept falling down.

We saw a picture of this on the Internet and tried to replicate it.
It's pretty close. They were so good.
Travis and Lauren wrote love notes to each other on the cake top.

ice cream bar

ice cream toppings

We enlarged pictures and hung them on the back wall. Might be my favorite thing.

old doors and chandeliers set up as a back drop for the line to stand in front of

A few of the tables. There were 10 in all.

food tables

plenty of daisies spread all around

The lights came up in the center and had paper lanterns and a large chandelier hanging

Cutting the cake

the garter toss

Lauren's twin brother caught it

bouquet toss
Lauren blogged about it here

Father Daughter Dance

Their 1st dance

Lauren's bouquet

Tyler enjoyed the ice cream many times over

Lots of fun
dancing and dancing and dancing

Sweet brother and sister pic

bubbles galore

decorated car


Garden of Egan said...

Such darling decorations! You have been busy!
What a relief to have it done and have it be so awesome.

Cherie said...

I love all the details about the reception - everything is so beautiful. I love the doors and the chandeliers - that is WAY cool!
I also love the dancing. We had dancing at my daughters reception too and it SO fun!!
What a fantastic party!!

Momza said...

My first thought was, "How darling!"
Then my "MOM" thought was, "Wow, that was alot of work." lol
You did GOOD!!!

Ann Marie said...

I love it!!
It's my favorite type of wedding decor you know... and every little detail looks fab! :)

The party looked perfect! So happy it was everything she wanted!!!

Lara said...

Love the daisies and the cupcakes! It really turned out beautifully!

JT, Britt & Bella said...

This wedding looks amazing! Congrats to you and your darling daughter!

Suzanne said...


I apologize for being MIA in my comments, but life has been EXTREMELY busy and a bit stressful. I have been following along with the wedding details and I have LOVED what you guys did!! The doors are sheer brilliance! Anyway, I just wanted to say that you guys did an amazing job with the decor and your daughter was a gorgeous bride! Nice to finally know what you look like too! Hope you are having a fabulous day! -Suzanne

Da Bergs said...

I absolutely love looking at wedding reception pics!!! HERS was VERY nice!!! How did you hang all of the chandeliers??? EVERYTHING looked so nice!!! AND, the bride is a darling little thang!!! :)