Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is my oldest daughter's 21st birthday.
Hope you had a great day Nicole!

Here are 21 facts about Nicole:

1. she had blue eyes until she was 6 months old and then they turned brown. Now they are hazel, sometimes green and sometimes brown.

2. she had to wear glasses at 4 years old. She's been wearing contacts since Jr. High. She would love to get laser eye surgery.

3. likes to go hiking and running

4. she has always excelled in school.

5. almost got a perfect score on her ACT's

6. received the Heritage Scholarship. It's 4 years full tuition.

7. She's minoring in Music

8. accompanied her school choir at their concerts on the piano. Ward pianist and choir director too.

9. sings alto and soprano

10. In her Junior year of HS she was 12th in her class. She wanted to make the top 10 so she took 5 AP classes but had to drop choir to fit it all in. Her choir teacher was mad... She ended HS as 4th in her class of 800+.

11. has olive skin and tans easily.

12. played on volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer, track, swimming, diving teams and was on the HS color guard.

13. Her favorite sport is volleyball. She even took an advanced class in college.

14. loves wearing high heels.

15. likes Mexican and Italian foods.

16. is the activities chairman in her ward.

17. She is thoughtful and loving to her friends and family. She puts others before herself. One of her best qualities I think.

18. A very loyal friend

19. wants to be a nurse

20. has gorgeous thick dark brown hair.

21. got a new job working for the LDS church

Here's the most recent picture of Nicole with her younger sister Heather.


Momza said...

Wow! She is one very special young woman! Hope her birthday is perfect!
Any plans to serve a mission?

Suzanne said...

Darling Girl! Very impresive too! Happy Birthday to Nicole! -Suzanne

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

She did take a missionary prep class so she was thinking about it but that was before she got into the nursing program.

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday to Nicole!
She has sure accomplished alot in her 21 years! I am so impressed she got the Heritage Scholarship - that is just awesome!! Getting into the nursing program is hard too. She must be sooo smart.
She is a beauty!!

Saimi said...

What a wonderful post to a very beautiful daughter! Talent, brains and beauty Wow, that's quite the package!

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Rebecca Talley said...

Beautiful girls. Amazing accomplishments--wish I had a son her age :).

Xazmin said...

She sounds so amazing! You should be a proud mama!

I hope her birthday was wonderful!

Thanks for your concern and thoughtful words.

Lesa said...

Beautiful girls!

Da Bergs said...

I love how you did 21 things about her... what a great gal! She has a LOT going for her! I hope she had a very happy birthday!!!