Monday, August 30, 2010

Roadtrip Adventures

We drove up to Idaho for the grooms wedding reception. Our first stop was SLC to see Oma.
We had lunch at the Lion House. Yummy!
We checked out the new Deseret Bookstore at Temple Square. An interesting story: I saw a wall covered with Book of Mormons in different languages. I wondered if they had an Indonesian one for my son who will be going on his mission there. There was a frosted glass door right by that I walked into. (On a side note: My hubs said, "Don't go in there, the books are all out here. " I told him I just want to check it out.)
Well, inside I asked the lady if they had an Indonesian Book of Mormon and how much was it? She smiled at me and said today it is free as she continued to walk toward the other side of the room. She comes back with the book and says some of the glue is coming off which is an easy fix and that just this morning she planned on throwing it away but felt as though she should keep it. Then I walked in asking about it.
We both smiled and I told her my husband told me not to go through the door if the books were out here. We looked at each other and smiled again because we knew we were suppose to meet that day. Here's the book.
Then we picked up Nicole and headed up to Idaho. We didn't make it very far until we ran out of gas. Yep, 2 hours on the side of Route 84.
We were carrying a load for the married couple that was mighty heavy and killed our gas mileage.

To be continued...


Saimi said...

Ran out of gas!! Oh dear!
can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

At least you had the good fortune scoring a free book of Mormon in the same language your son will be teaching! That's pretty awesome.

Teresa said...

What? You're leaving us hanging here....
BTW, loved the story of the BOM. ;)

Lesa said...

I love the Book of Mormon story too!

I will be back to hear the rest.

Lesa said...

And it would be fun to meet up in SLC the next time you come to Utah!

(not to sound like a stalker or anything :)

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a great story about the Book of Mormon! I love that. And I am sorry you ran out of gas. I know you made it safely eventually though because I saw your picture on C Bakow's blog. :-)

Happy Birthday to Nicole!! She sounds like such a great girl! I hope she had a great day.

And I LOVED the pictures from the reception. How cute!! And how creative!!

Cherie said...

That is such a neat story about the Book of Mormon Lisa. I love it when those things happen and you instantly recognize whose hand was in on it. Neat!

I had no idea you ran out of gas on your way up here - YIKES stranded in the heat!!

Charlotte said...

I have only ran out of gas in my own driveway. All the time when I'm driving I worry I'll do it out on the road. I'm glad you found a solution (even if it was expensive).