Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Missionary

Elder Andrew Pulsipher has left to begin serving his mission. He flew out a week ago and landed in Salt Lake City, Utah. His twin sister Lauren and her husband Travis picked him up at the airport and drove to Provo where they met his other sister Nicole. They went to lunch at Tucanno's before dropping him off curb side at the MTC ( Missionary Training Center) He will be learning a new language along with many other missionary training. In 8-10 weeks he will fly to Jakarta, Indonesia to love the serve the people there.

Let the packing begin

At the Stake Center just before he was set apart as a missionary.

With some of the boy cousins. Look at the excitement of his little brother Tyler. What a good example he is to him and to the rest of the boys.

The neighborhood kids came to say goodbye. They wanted Andrew to give each of them his old skate shoes while they gave him personal items as well, a hat and key chain. Chris the boy on the left gave Andrew his hat. Andrew told him that he wouldn't be able to wear it but he still wanted him to take it so that he would remember him. Chris wore that hat every day for years. Even though they didn't completely understand his decision to serve a mission for 2 years they do love and support him.

At the airport with Tyler

Andrew and Heather
She's getting a little misty eyed.

Love this one

We left at 5 in the morning and he stayed up late packing. He was so tired.

This is it.

We waited for the plane to leave.
Tyler wanted to wear a white shirt and tie like his brother. The sun's coming up.

See you in 2 years!

I didn't understand the emotions of missionary moms until now. I used to think, "Well of course we want them to go so yes it's a good thing. Why be sad about it?" Now I get the sadness mixed with the joy. Our boys are becoming men and our work is turned over to the Lord.


mpal said...

Beautiful thoughts! Brings back memories, the time really is bittersweet, but their growth, your family's growth and your own personal growth during this time is amazing! I never really knew how much my Heavenly Father was aware of me and my family until my son served a mission. Amazing blessing coming your way!

Dixie Mom said...

Thanks so much for sharing this moment with us. I don't have any experience with sending a missionary out. I can't even imagine the things you are feeling. I only know that good things are happening and will happen to your family and you will be blessed for your sacrifice.
You are getting a glimpse of how our Father feels.

Julie said...

Wow. I don't know you and your family personally, but even I got teary reading this. Your pictures captured it beautifully. I am sure you and he will be very blessed. :)

Saimi said...

Thanks for the tears! You're right, we do want them to serve but it doesn't keep us from getting emotional.

What a handsome young man and he's going to be an AWESOME missionary!


Momza said...

O here I sit in tears. We love to see our young ones take their place in Heavenly Father's kingdom, don't we?
Our children are so strong and courageous. Someone asked me why we do it--why we send our children to the far sides of the earth to talk about Christ and this Church.
I told them it's because this is Christ's Church and it's true and has the power to bring God's children home to Him. That's why.

Sending many good thoughts and hugs your way, Lisa.

Cherie said...

Lisa I have been waiting for this post!!! I knew it had to be soon :-D
He looks so handsome - all ready to go out and serve in Indonesia.
I love the pictures from the airport with the kids - very very sweet.
And how neat that Lauren, Trav, and Nicole could see him off at the MTC...Perfect!
It is hard. Oh boy I don't know about you but when Ryan left it was October and I had a really hard time wanting to have Christmas that year. I know that sounds crazy but it was hard for me that first holiday season. I hope you do better!!
Congratulations Mama P - Your boy is off!!!!

Lesa said...

I haven't experienced this yet either. Thinking of you at this time as you have had lots of changes at your house over the last several months with a daughter getting married and now a son serving a mission. Hang in there!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a sweet post!! It brought back a lot of memories of when my son left on his mission. It was sad to have him gone, but I was also thrilled for the opportunities that were ahead of him. Andrew will have some unique challenges in the country he is going to. He must be a very special young man to be chosen to serve there. Best of luck!!

Ann Marie said...

Christian is only 6 and now I am teary just thinking about this day!

Love the photos.. and I have sympathy for you much. He is in the BEST hands possible though!!

I hope/am sure you and your family will be blessed for this sacrifice!

Lara said...

Congratulations on a happy/sad day! What a wonderful testament to Andrew to sacrifice himself for two years serving the Lord and what a wonderful testament to you and the way you've raised him. :)