Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Interview with my 4 year old

What is your favorite music?
Wow Wow Wubbzy Robot dance

What is your favorite food?
movie popcorn

What is your favorite treat?
cinnamon twists at Taco Bell

Favorite subject in school?

Favorite job at school?
the weatherman

Favorite thing you have learned at school?
making stuff for you mom

What do you like to do with dad?
play catch

What's your favorite thing to do outside?
play with friends

Who are your friends?
Jaren and Cody. And also Blake, Megan and Christopher.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
a firefighter. I had a dream about being a firefighter

What is your favorite thing to do at church?
Be in class but I also like being in primary but I don't like being in those benches

Do you like primary?
I sure do

Do you like your teachers?
yeah, but I have two

Who is Heavenly Father?
Jesus maybe

Who is Jesus?
Jesus is Jesus

What do you like to do with mom?
I also like playing catch with you

Do you want to go on a mission like your brother?
Yes I do. But not until I'm 19.

What's your favorite toy?
gray jet and sometimes my blue airplane and balls too

What do you want Santa to bring to you?
a toy motorcycle that blows fire

I thought I saw this idea on the Alpine Klein Bunch blog but when I went to get the link I couldn't find the post. Maybe I didn't see it there. Well, I saw it somewhere in blogland and thought my little guy would love answering the questions. He totally did. I added a few more questions and decided to write them down to keep as a memory.


peacelovelauren said...

soooo cutee! but the thing about heather is sad. oh so sad. =(

Garden of Egan said...

That is darling!

Rebecca Talley said...
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Rebecca Talley said...

Very cute. What a fun idea. And he's a handsome young man.

Saimi said...

Movie popcorn!! Now that's a boy who knows what's good in life!!

Seems your little guy and I have some things in common! I love primary too!!

mpal said...

What a cutie! Love your post!

Cherie said...

He is such a cute little guy!
And, yeah, good luck with the motorcycle that blows fire - hee hee!!