Friday, February 11, 2011

Catching Up

I feel like it's been a while since I've blogged. Here's the news:
  • I've been cleaning out, organizing rooms. I've go so much stuff to donate. Mostly the toy room and my closet. It's been freeing but a lot of time consuming work.
  • I've been helping my mom translate my Oma's (grandma) journal. I've been learning so much. I generally knew the story but now I'm getting details. It's been so interesting. I'm so blessed to come from great women who suffered but also shined and led their lives with strength.
  • I've been trying to cook more healthy meals. I can tell my husband has felt deprived because we went out to dinner and he substituted mash potatoes and gravy for the beans and rice with his taco meal.
  • I've been walking and biking. I'm up to 4 miles. Unfortunately my knee for the last week has been giving me pain, enough that I've been limping so I need to let it heal. Not happy!
  • Tyler is on a soccer team. So fun to watch those little kids (4-5 yr. olds) run around. Go Sharks!
  • Heather received her Patriarchal blessing this week. Wow! I am in such awe of her and her mission in life.
  • The weather here has been in the 40's (way to cold for me) but now it's up to a more respectable 60 to 70 degrees.


Lesa said...

Sounds like a lot of good stuff going on except the knee. Hope it feels better soon.

We are still in the 30's. 60 to 70 is the perfect weather!

Julie said...

Uh oh. Tell me about that knee.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm sorry your knee hurts!
That must be frustrating to have to "slow down"

It is fun to have things cleaned out. I love getting rid of stuff and it reminds me NOT to buy more.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sounds like life has been busy. Good for you on the healthy eating and exercising routine though. I have been working on those same goals (and also have a feeling deprived husband:-). I am sorry about your knee. I know that is so frustrating. This is the first time in about 15 years I have started an exercise program and not got hurt a couple weeks into it--so I understand the frustration. I sure hope it is feeling better soon.

Saimi said...

Sorry to hear about your knee, dang! I hate it when you get on a roll with something and then you have to stop...It ruins the momentum.

Good for you for getting cleaned out and organized...Ah do I have some closets that need that!

Hope your back to walking soon!!

Teresa said...

Yep, you do sound busy.

And hey, Starr and Janae are holding a yard sale to earn money for girls send some donations their way -- or I'll have them call you.

Cherie said...

Lisa life sounds full and happy - lots of good stuuf going on!
Even though your knee hurts GOOD JOB for exercising!! You ate my hero!!

Kids P- blessings are so neat!!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day with your sweetheart!!

Cherie said...

PS it was 63 degrees here yesterday - I was SO hot!!!

Cherie said...

Ok I just read my first comment and I am a bad speller - kind of hilarious!!

You really didn't eat my hero you ARE my hero!!!
Ha ha