Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spreading Happiness

I wrote this post 5 days ago but chickened out on posting it. I found my courage this morning watching General Conference. Love you President Uchtdorf.

If you see one of these young men in your neighborhood (white shirts and ties with name tags from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) it's safe to stop and talk to them. They're good boys who have chosen to spend two years servicing you and your neighbors. They have a message about God and his son Jesus Christ. They will bring peace, answers and love to you and your family.
People sometimes ask me why I'm so happy. It's because I know who I am, what I'm doing here on earth and where I'm going. I have peace and direction in my life daily that strengthens me and helps me to do what I know are the right things for me and my family.
Do you have questions about your life and are searching for something? Happiness is not found in more money or worldly success . It is found deep within. True happiness can be found. I find it in my church. Here's a website if you'd like to learn more and here's a post about my missionary son.

Thanks for listening.

*In the above picture my son is on the far left.


Cherie said...

Yayyyyy for missionary sons!! Yayyyy for the Gospel - Conference was great!

Pedaling said...

they are good boys who appreciate people to talk to.

Saimi said...

Good for you!! Conference was amazing as always and yes we love our missionaries!!

Lesa said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Ann Marie said...

Yay for Elder Uchtdorf indeed!!

I thought of you during the middle of conference when they showed the MTC and talked about all of the missionaries.

The Gospel is so great!!!

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. The people of Japan are so much in our prayers.
Our son served in Tokyo.

rad6 said...

I love love love the title of this post! Oh so appropriately named!