Friday, May 13, 2011

Happiness Project (April 10-May 10)

I joined Naomi @ Seven Cherubs on a Happiness Project (along with 100 other people). We were to keep a journal, writing one sentence per day for a month of something that made you happy that day. By the way Naomi is a blogger from Australia. Here's mine....

April 10- Visited with my sister in law Kamala on a Sunday afternoon. I haven't seen her a for a long time. Catching up with family always makes me happy.

April 11- Went to the park with my kids, watching my 5 yr. old son play while having a fun talk with my 15 yr. old daughter.

April 12- Putting an ice pack on my sore neck!

April 13- I had extra free time today and headed to DI (a thrift store)

April 14- Shopping with my daughter and watching a movie with my son.

April 15- I used my Kitchen Aid to make cookies with my son.

April 16- I had a long visit with my neighbor.

April 17- I finished giving a talk in church and a lesson in YW's and didn't get the two confused in my brain. Talking with my two oldest girls on the phone.

April 18- I got a new purse.

April 19- Mailed out cards today to grandma, grandpa and my missionary son.

April 20- Visiting teaching with awesome women who I love talking to and learning from.

April 21- Seeing Heather's face when she passed her written drivers test.

April 22- Winning a book from Lesa's blog giveaway.

April 23- I ordered pictures at Costco and got ready for Easter.

April 24- Made some yummy food. Church was wonderful.

April 25- Great conversation with my husband. He came home with flowers for me.

April 26- Loved listening to my daughter tell me about school, friends and her life.

April 27- Got my hair cut and colored.

April 28- Weekly emails from my son always make me happy.

April 29- Flying to spend the day with my daughter. Loved every minute of today.

April 30- Attended the marriage of my niece, Jeni in the Portland Oregon temple. Beautiful!

May1- Landing back home after being gone and seeing my family.

May 2- Cleaned the house

May 3- Getting vaccinations for my son who will be entering Kindergarten. ( I should clarify this one- He was very brave and didn't cry at all. He said the other kids were crying because they were afraid but he wasn't. He was pretty proud of himself which made me happy.)

May 4- Going on a walk with my kids.

May 5- Going to the store with my son dressed as a pirate (his idea) and seeing the kind reactions given to him.

May 6- Date with my husband.

May 7- Dinner and movie with the family.

May 8- Mother's day phone call with my son who is in Indonesia.

May 9- A fun FHE (family home evening) that ended up at Dairy Queen for Blizzards.

May 10- Signing up my son for Kindergarten. My baby is growing up.

This was a fun project. I've learned that it's really the simple things in life that make me happy. Spending time with my family. The relationship I have with my husband and children are my most precious and are what make me the happiest!

Here are others who are sharing their happiness journals.


Kellie said...

Awww, flowers from hubby! That is definitely something to be happy about. How wonderful. That would make my MONTH!!!
I really enjoyed reading your list. Love that image too! :)

Joy For Your Journey said...

That is a sweet list. It appears you have a lot to be grateful for. Only about getting those shots. . . what exactly was it about that, that made you happy? I am guessing Tyler didn't feel quite so happy about it. :-)

Shawnie said...

Loved the part about sharing what you wrote each day. This is a really great idea for a podcast group we're starting here in Southern Oregon.

Garden of Egan said...

Those were awesome to be able to read.
It's a reminder of the joy that simple things can bring us.

Have a great weekend.

Valerie said...

What a great idea to list them. And for some reason, I'm now craving Blizzards from Dairy Queen. :)

Naomi said...

What a lovely happiness list. Love that you were able to attend a wedding, whip up some treats in your kitchen aid, received some flowers and had a special phone call from your son. Love the gospel joy that is found throughout and thank so much for joining in. Naomi x