Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Question Friday 12/30

1. What's the oldest piece of clothing in your closet? 
a navy blue pencil shirt that I wore many years ago when I introduced my then boyfriend (now husband) to the family.  I've made it a personal goal to wear it again on our anniversary this summer which means I'm in the middle of dieting/exercising. I'm 1/2 way to my goal.

2. How many random blog readers have you met?
I think two.  Both are fabulous women!   Cherie at my daughters reception and Marilyn at her grand daughters grave ceremony.  I have meet so many wonderful women through blogging and would love to meet each of you in person!  Wouldn't that be a great trip traveling around the country visiting blog friends! Sorry I've been MIA lately.

3. Do you let your kids stay up till midnight on New Years Eve? (Or, if you don't have kiddos yet, did you get to stay up until midnight as a child?)
Yes, we stay up on New Years Eve.  We have a tradition of jumping in our pool at midnight.  I should say the kids have that tradition.

4. What are the gas prices where you live?
The lowest I've seen is $3.05/gallon.  Isn't that terrible?  I remember when we moved here 13 years ago the price of gas was .89 cents/gallon.

5. What is one resolution that you know you should do but are too afraid to try?
I don't really do resolutions.  What I'd like to work on is to complete my YW personal progress.  It will be a lot of work!  I've helped my 3 daughters get theirs and I've always wanted to get my own.


Momza said...

It's always fun to read your 5 on Friday stuff! Love your midnight swim tradition too--reminds me of my childhood in Miami, FL.

Lara said...

If you ever find yourself in the DC area, definitely give me a ring and we can meet up for lunch or something! :) I'm glad to hear I'm not the only anti-resolution person out there.

Happy new year!

Cherie said...

Fun to see my name and so glad to have met you in real life!

I just got done doing an almanac type post so was looking at prices of things. I SO remember when gas was 89 cents a gallon. Man, those were the days!

Hope you had a Great Christmas!

Cherie said...
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Cherie said...

Oops - wink :-D

Garden of Egan said...

Definitely get your PP! I did it when I was in YW and I loved doing it.

I loved your random things about you.
Have a wonderful New Years Day!

Saimi said...

I never received my YW in Excellence but I did receive the one for R.S.

I love your kids New Year Eve's tradition of jumping in the pool, sounds fun!!

Happy New Years to ya!