Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fun at the Reception

There was somewhat of a program to the reception.  Not anything official but just moving the party along.  Thanks to the DJ that was easily accomplished. 
   One of my favorite pictures.

This is the order of happenings:
a short receiving line
 head table with the rest of the wedding party
 Best Man toast
 Matron of Honor toast
playing the shoe game
 cutting the cake (cupcake in our case)
bouquet toss and garter toss ( bummer, I couldn't find  any pictures of these)
 first dance
 mother/son dance

father/daughter dance
 For the full affect you need to see the video.  Not the best quality but worth a peek. Lauren's laughing is pretty fun too.

 I love that man!

 (Nicole was an EFY counselor for 2 years. She knows all the cool dances)

ending the night with sparklers


Momza said...

Loved the dance video! What a fun thing for them to do together!

CB said...

What a great reception and it looked so fun!
Of course, I LOVED the dance. Fun that she and her Dad did that.

When my daughter Katie got married she and her new husband did a medley dance like this. Usually the father/daughter dance is so teary and emotional. This was so fun.

I love hearing Lauren's laugh too!