Monday, April 22, 2013

Weight Loss Quest

I lost 1 lb. at this weeks weigh in.  I was hoping for more since I was perfect with my eating I thought!  My counselor said that I should weigh my food ( protein and vegetables)  because I may not be having enough.  After checking how much I'm suppose to have.  She's right.  My proteins should be 7 oz. cooked and my veggies (non starchy) at least 1 cup.   To me that's alot of food at one sitting.  I'll have to break it up and have it for two meals.  She said if I don't have all that I'm suppose to have then my body goes into starvation mode and won't release the fat.  I also need to have enough water because that flushes out the toxins.

So this week I'll be eating more and hopefully losing weight too. I'm counting on this being true!


Wish I could have more of these.  I grew up on crumb buns living next to a Polish bakery. These were my favorite.  So good!  Maybe some day I'll be able to have them again when I figure out how to have just one.  Working toward balance and control. 

crumb cake

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