Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Goodness
I love this house.  We had Nicole's wedding reception here.  Lauren took her bridal pictures here before her wedding.  We used those pictures at her reception. Isn't it beautiful?  It's owned by a lady from the south (Alabama I think) who wanted to recreate the beauty of the south here in the desert.  

 Nicole and Michael in December

 Lauren and Travis in August

My sweet grand daughter
 Photo: cowgirl millie ;)

Heather's fabric headboard  

Heather's shoe storage

My new favorite recipe book
I collect recipes and recipe books.  This new one is awesome because I like every single recipe in it. That never happens.  The author reminds me of me.  We like the same types of  foods and think about food the same way. We both have German relatives that have influenced our cooking.  Seriously, we could be twins.

Tyler's robot
He make it for a school project.  His name is Robo.

Kid's bathroom
I looked forever for just the right towel hooks. I couldn't find them anywhere so we had to built them.

The Gilbert temple still under construction.  I've heard it should be completed late fall.
Can't wait!



Saimi said...

Wow, that house and those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!! So is the lovely bride and groom! Your sweet baby doll is just that, love those squishy arms!!

You have an clever son with is creative robot!

Fun pictures Lisa!

Garden of Egan said...

That is a beautiful house.
Amazing in AZ.

Love all the pictures. So exciting about the temple.