Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

The blog, My Little Life, who regularly comes up with the questions and link ups for Five Question Friday is taking a blog break.  So instead today I decided to share 5, I mean 7 pictures from my phone. (not the best quality)  Not sure if or when she'll be back.

We went to California for a quick trip before school started.  Randy's sister was going through the Redland's temple for the 1st time.   It was a beautiful family experience. 
 Randy grew up in Riverside so while we were there we met up with some of his old pals for dinner.  Oh the stories I heard!
 We went to Castle Park.  The kids wanted to go because we went there while we were dating. It's changed quite a bit.  It used to be just a miniature golfing place with a few arcade games.  Now there's a water park and legit amusement park rides.  Tyler had a great time with his cousin Katy.
 Yep, they're related.
Back to reality
 1st day of 2nd grade
 1st day of Senior year. 
 A shot of one of my gallery walls.  This one is in the family room.

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