Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vacation- part 2

part 2

After my dad's house we went to Clearwater Beach at the Gulf of Mexico.  It.was. beautiful.  I was seriously in heaven.  After a day at the beach we traveled to Orlando and stayed at the Wyndham Hotel.  It is right next to Downtown Disney where we went for dinner that night.  Lauren, Travis and Millie came that night.  Now the whole family is complete!  Millie is a doll.  I'm a lucky grandma.  
The next day we separated in our activities.  Heather, Tyler, Randy and I went to Magical Kingdom at Disney World.  I have to say I liked it a little better than Disneyland, CA.  The next day we all went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, aka Harry Potter land.  All the kids loved it.  It was a good long day.

Clearwater Beach.  So many fishes and birds.  The water was so clear you could see the fish swimming.   We saw dolphins just beyond the buoy.
 Our hotel in Orlando.  Took this picture from our room overlooking the pools.
 Heather and Tyler at Snow White's castle
 Tyler in Dr. Seuss land at Universal Studios
  Lauren, Travis and Millie at Downtown Disney. 
Tyler after a long day at Disney World.  He's still holding onto his goofy hat and his sparkly spinning souvenir.

Hogwarts, Butterbeer and fun rides.  

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